The hardship program provides assistance to enrolled creek citizens who have had a break in income or an extenuating circumstance causing a financial hardship beyond the control of the applicant. Direct vendor payments may be used towards shelter or utility costs up to $500 per year. Guidelines apply.

Break in income: include, but not limited to, unanticipated break in income not due to personal fault, including lay off, self-employed loss, medical leave, loss of child support, etc.

Extenuating circumstance: include, but not limited to, major car repairs for those employed, out-of-pocket medical expenses, separation/divorce, death of a household member who contributed income, homeless, and a justifiable relocation.

Documentation required

  • Copy of citizenship cards for all household members or a printout out from the Citizenship Office.
  • Copy of social security cards for all household members.
  • Copy of birth certificate and/or driver licenses for non-Indian household members.
  • Copy of income verification for all household members.
  • Documentation of break.
  • Additional information may be required, depending on situation, to determine eligibility.

Applicants should not wait for the day of cutoff, eviction, etc., to request services.

Hardship Application

Duplication of Services
Household must have not received assistance from any other agency in the last 12 months (churches, Community Action programs, other tribal offices (Chief’s Office, Second Chief’s Office, etc.).

Ability to Maintain
Applicants must provide income verification to prove they can continue shelter, utility, and other living expenses.

Application Process
Once all required documentation has been received, the social worker has three (3) days to complete the application.