BIA Burial Assistance

BIA funded

The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Social Services BIA Burial Program is subject to annual Congressional appropriations, pursuant to 25 C.F.R. §20.102 (c). Should funds become unavailable, applications will continue to be processed and payments will be made retroactive to the application date once funds become available.  Additional information may be submitted for redetermination for eligibility. In the event funding is unavailable, the tribe will pay for CREEKS ONLY who meet BIA Burial guidelines.

The BIA burial assistance program is an indigent burial assistance program based on available resources and need. This program provides assistance to families of a deceased citizen enrolled with a federally recognized tribe with funeral costs. Assistance up to $2,400 may be available and varies based on available resources and need including, but not limited to, insurance policies, burial policies, individual Indian monies (iim) accounts, bank accounts, social security, va benefits, etc. The deceased must have lived in the Muscogee (Creek) Nation service area. Payment is made directly to the funeral home. Reimbursements are not allowed.

Documentation required:

  • Copy of citizenship card for deceased or a printout from the deceased’s tribal Citizenship Office.
  • Copy of social security card for deceased.
  • Copy of signed burial contract.
  • Resident verification for deceased. Mail must have been received and postmarked 30 days prior to death.
  • Available resources include, but not limited to, insurance policies, burial policies, Individual Indian Monies (IIM) accounts, bank accounts, Social Security, VA benefits, etc.
    • Must provide most recent bank statement.
    • Should insurance policies, burial policies, Social Security, VA, etc., not pay a statement on the company’s letter is required.
  • Copy of death certificate. (May take more than 30 days to receive.)
  • Must apply within 30 days from date of death.
  • Authorization from the responsible party for another person to complete the application (if needed).
  • Additional information may be required to determine eligibility.

Application available at the Social Services office

Responsible party must apply within 30 days from date of death. Not all required documentation is needed at the time the application is made (i.e. Death certificate).

Responsible party
Person(s) who signed the burial contract with the funeral home is considered the responsible party and must sign the BIA application with the social services office. Must have original signature on application.

Authorized person(s)
Should the responsible party not be available to come to the office and sign the application, he or she may give another person permission to sign the application on their behalf. The authorized person must provide a signed statement stating that authorization.


**BIA burial is an indigent burial assistance program. Therefore, any available resources to the deceased shall be deducted from the $2,400**

The burial assistance program helps alleviate funeral costs. In most cases payments will not pay the balance off completely.