School Clothing Guidelines

2014-2015 School Application

New Guidelines: Read Carefully

  1. The School Clothing Program will be open all year round beginning May 2014. Year round will be considered from May 2014 to April 2015. Beginning this year, the date your application is received will be the date you may apply next school year (i.e. If your application is received July 6, you must wait until July 6 of next year to apply).
  2. Original receipts from the previous school year must be submitted before applying for the next school year. Receipts must be dated within the last school year, May 2014 – April 2015. Receipts dated out of that time frame will not be accepted (i.e. Acceptable: School year receipts for 2014-2015, must be dated between May 2014 and April 2015. Not Acceptable: School year receipts for 2014-2015, show the date of December 2013). Receipts must total the amount awarded. The head of household, the student’s name, and phone number must be printed on the back of each receipt. Please make copies and keep for your records. Should you not be able to provide copies or receipts dated within the time frame, your application will be denied and you may not apply for the next school year. Exceptions will only be accepted in cases where receipts were destroyed by a fire, tornado, etc. Documentation must be submitted. Should you turn receipts in that are less than the amount awarded, you will not be eligible to apply for the next school year until additional receipts have been turned in totaling the amount awarded. NO EXCEPTIONS. Requests for Reconsiderations may be taken due to medical or family emergencies only. Documentation must be provided.

Application Process:

  1. ONLY ONE APPLICATION NEEDS TO BE SUBMITTED either by mail, fax, email, in person, or by dropping it in the drop box located at the School Clothing Office. However, should the head of household apply for foster children; they must use a separate application for biological children.
  2. Due to the number of applications received, applicants must allow 6-8 weeks, from the time the application is received in the School Clothing Office to the time they receive a check.
  3. Once the School Clothing Office receives an application, a Receipt of Application postcard will be mailed to the head of household. Completed applications, meaning applications submitted with all required documentation, will be processed for payment. Incomplete applications, meaning applications without all required documentation, will receive a pending letter and will be considered pending until all required documents have been received or until the end of the school year, April of each year. It is the head of household’s responsibility to submit documents. Reminder letters/postcards will not be sent.
  4. School Clothing grant is an allowance of $200 per student, per school year, and is NOT TAX EXEMPT.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. The student must be enrolled with the Muscogee (Creek) Nation and provide a copy of their citizenship card or a printout from the MCN Citizenship Office. It is the head of household (parents/guardians) responsibility to obtain and submit citizenship verification. Student must be enrolled at the time of applying for grant. CDIB cards will not be accepted. If you submitted cards the previous years, please do not send in again.
  2. Student must be enrolled in a certified head start program, public or private school, or home school. Child must be enrolled with the school at the time of applying for grant. Application will not be processed until enrollment for all children has been received.
    Head Start, Public or Private School. Student must be at least 3 years of age and enrolled in a certified Head Start program (not a daycare). Student must be 4 years of age to 18 years, or 12th grade, and enrolled in a public or private school program. Students must provide a letter on the schools letterhead or the School Enrollment form, provided by the School Clothing Office. Form must be completed by a school official.
    Home School. Student must be five (5) years of age to 18 years. In the event a child tests out before he/she turns 18 years of age, the child shall no longer be eligible to participate in the school clothing program. Students must provide the Home School Enrollment form, provided by the School Clothing Office, and provide the curricula for the current school year or provide original book receipts for the current school year.
  3. Copy of Custody Order, Legal Guardianship, or Power Attorney (if applicable). Should documentation listed not be available, a notarized statement from the parent and letter from the school, on the schools letterhead, verifying the said guardian is listed as the main contact person along with verification of the child(ren)’s home address may be accepted.