Tribal Historic & Cultural Preservation

Mission Statement

Consistent with the tribal goals of the Sovereign Muscogee (Creek) Nation, the primary purpose of the Historic And Cultural Preservation Department is to ensure the protection and preservation of valued historic and cultural resources for future generations. The Historic Preservation Office serves as the contact for statutory and regulatory compliance consultation regarding Federal Historic and Cultural Preservation Laws.

The design and operation of the Historic And Cultural Preservation Department is to conduct documentation and preservation projects necessary for sustaining an integrated culture. The tribe is committed to it's historic duties, not just within the jurisdictional geopolitical boundaries in Oklahoma but also within the Southeastern United States that comprise the traditional or aboriginal territory of the Mvskokvlke.

The Historic and Cultural Preservation Department is within the Internal Affairs Division. The Department was established in 1995 under TR-95-01. It is located within the Education and Training Building which is located on the east side of the Tribal Complex along Beaver Drive.

Hofunvke Emvyetvn Vcayecvlke