Citizenship Card F.A.Q


A tribal identification card, at it simplest definition, is just that.  It identifies you as a tribal citizen; but look a little further beyond the surface and you will find several reasons why tribal identification and the details associated with it are so important.  While we will not discuss every reason let’s take a look at a couple of questions and answers to obtain a better understanding of just how important our tribal identities are in relation to data and funding.

  1. How does outdated information affect you as a tribal citizen?
    1. Tribal offices frequently utilize reports based on the tribal citizen information housed within the Citizenship office.  These reports are used when looking at current and future programs, grants and funding, notifications to tribal citizens, etc.  Keeping your information up to date with tribal offices is extremely important and can affect the outcome of tribal initiatives.
  2. What affect does fraud have on you as a tribal citizen?
    1. When someone uses a fraudulent card or information it directly affects both the tribal citizen whose information was illegally used and the nation.  The use of fraudulent information typically translates directly to a loss of funds, which in turn can diminish the quality of services for eligible tribal members.  In addition, if no steps are ever taken to prevent such fraudulent activity the reputation of said entity can suffer irreversible damage.


As you can see, touching on just these two issues begins to highlight the importance of accurate information and implementing measures to help prevent fraud within the tribe.  After over a year of research and planning we are happy to present to you the new Muscogee (Creek) Nation Citizenship Identification Card. 

  1. High Definition Photograph
  2. Enrollee Name and Address information.
  3. Social Security Number (SSN) – SSN’s are optional.  When you request your Citizenship card you can specify whether you would like your SSN displayed.
  4. Official Seal of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.
  5. Digitally captured enrollee signature
  6. Card Expiration Date – This date DOES NOT reflect upon your citizenship status.  This is the date that your card and information need to be updated with the Citizenship Office.
  7. Signature of the current Chief of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.
  8. Fully colored, high quality background image with holographic Muscogee (Creek) Nation seal.



  1. Tribal Clan
  2. Tribal Town
  3. QR Code – This code can be scanned by authorized personnel to obtain instant tribal enrollment verification using real time data.
  4. Disclaimer for ‘Card Expired’ Date.  This disclaimer states:  “The ‘Card Expires’ date does not reflect upon your citizenship status.”


  1. Why has the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Citizenship ID been re-designed?
    1. The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Citizenship ID has been re-designed so that we can have an updated, secure, and official looking identification card.  The existing citizenship id is simply outdated and lacks security features to maintain its integrity.
  2. How much will my new card cost?
    1. There will be no cost related to the new card.  Citizens will receive their first new Citizenship ID card free of charge.
  3. Will the replacement cost of this card increase?
    1. No.  The replacement cost, of five dollars, will remain the same for the foreseeable future.
  4. What happens if my card expires?
    1. If your card expires you will need to visit the Citizenship office to update your photo and information.  Citizens from out of state will be able to follow the similar guidelines to obtaining a passport when submitting their information.
  5. What if I don’t know my clan and/or tribal town?
    1. If you do not know your clan it will simply be omitted from the citizenship identification card.  Your tribal town is matrilineal so if you are unsure of it we may be able to locate it for you.
  6. When will this new card be available?
    1. August 12th, 2013.
  7. Why would someone need to scan the QR Code on the back of my new Muscogee (Creek) Nation Citizenship ID?
    1. The QR code on the back of the new citizenship identification card can be scanned so that authorized personnel can instantly verify your citizenship status.  Often citizenship verification is required when receiving services.
  8. What is the Creek text on the card?
    1. On the front of the card you will see “Este Mvskokvlke”.  This refers to the Muscogee (Creek) Nation (people) as a whole.
    2. On the back of the card you will see “Tvsekvyv Sohceyetv”.  This means Citizenship Enrollment.
    3. The Tribal Town and Clan on the back of the card will show the Creek word along with the English translation.
  9. How long will the new Muscogee (Creek) Nation Citizenship ID be valid before it expires?
    1. The card will expire 5 years from the date of print.
  10. What is the Citizenship Office doing to help distribute the new Citizenship ID card?
    1. The Citizenship Office is available to visit communities to update Citizenship information by request.  The Citizenship Office is also working ease the enrollment and renewal process for non-local citizens.