Principal Chief Addressing the 2014 State of the Nation

sonspGood morning, citizens of the great Muscogee (Creek) Nation, Second Chief Barnett, Speaker Yahola, Second Speaker Hufft, members of the National Council, Justices of the Supreme Court, Judges of District Court, our relatives, friends and honored guests.

To say ‘The Mvskoke Way’ is very sacred.  The ways of our elders, and even the ways that our children will follow, are what is considered our way.  To continue in those ways and to assure that we will always stand in those ways is our will and desire.  This State of the Nation represents the great strides we have made to assure our continuation of ‘The Mvskoke Way.’

Peoplehood & Nationhood

The purpose this morning is to report to you, our most precious resource, our tribal citizens of this great Muscogee (Creek) Nation, the progress and successes accomplished over this past calendar year.  I prefer to use progress and success because that is what this administration set out to do and I believe with the support of the National Council, we are succeeding.  This is a big change from the “status quo” way of doing business that seemed to hamper us in the past.  As we have moved forward, we have continued to use the dominant themes of ‘peoplehood’ and ‘nationhood’ as guiding parameters in how we want to achieve success as a self-sufficient sovereign tribe, as well as balance those efforts with the needs of our citizens.

What I mean by these themes is that we refer to peoplehood as ‘us,’ the Muscogee people. It is important that we focus on revitalizing some of those things that have become dormant for us, such as our language, our history and protecting what is rightfully ours so that we never lose our collective identity.  That’s why it was important to this administration and Nation to file suit to address our sacred rights of our forefathers of Hickory Ground in our original homelands of Alabama and to bring home a citizen in time of need for demonstrating opposition to building over a burial ground.

In addition, it was important that we work hard to retrieve our history and works of our artist so it would remain in the hands of its rightful owners, the Mvskoke people. That is the ‘Mvskoke Way.’

We have had a number of strategic planning sessions, which has never been done before, that has included a cross-representation of citizens and employees from all areas of Muscogee life and government.  At the same time, it is equally important that we, as a tribal government (nationhood), try to do the very best that we can to improve services for our people.

As a result, we have created a blueprint for success that will extend into the future for many generations and become a standard way of doing business.  We understand that it takes direct action to improve, extend, and practice our tribal sovereignty to its fullest.  It also establishes the proper context in which to move forward with new initiatives and services, while still improving current services for our citizens.


Business Enterprise

Healthy Nation

The Muscogee Creek Nation continues to have Health as its top priority for its citizens.  The Health Department continues to build its own funds through collections from third party claims.  Because of these types of efforts, the Nation has invested in health in the following ways:

Employment for Citizens

This administration continues to focus on the creation of jobs for our people.  As we all know, economy has many faces, one of which is poverty.

Helping Our People

Economic Development

Federal Roads Program

Developing Our Communities



Interior Affairs

Parcels of land put into “trust” status has been more expedient due the joint efforts of our lobbyist, Watts Partners in Washington, D.C., and our office meetings held with the BIA Central Office.

Tourism & Recreation

These few highlights only represent some of the accomplishments of this past year. 

Reflecting on a Successful Year

Much of the success is due to transparency, going paperless, savings in funding of benefits, reevaluations of processes in human resources and much more.

The future of our Nation is bright. The Nation will continue to seek economic development and improve services and programs. Economic progress should not be delayed, when progress is delayed, history is delayed.

In closing, the ‘Mvksoke Way’ has never failed us.  We gain strength from those before us who set a foundation for future generations. Now, those of us who lead this Nation must continue the journey for our following generations.  Our challenges lie before us, and just as it did for our forefathers, adversity strengthens us, but more importantly unity solidifies us and the will of our people.

May God bless America, may God bless the state of Oklahoma and may a sovereign God continue to bless the sovereign Muscogee (Creek) Nation!!